About us

EX-Pro Sverige AB was founded in 2013 by us two "old-timers". After many years in the HVAC industry, we wanted to try a new side. Our idea was and still is to promote lower energy use, which in turn contributes to a better outdoor environment, but without compromising our desired indoor climate.

This requires a deep understanding of physics and how different parts of a HVAC system, cooling machine, heat pump, and a control system work together most effectively. There are many experts within each field today, but there are very few who are able to see things on the macro scale and understand how slight changes to the indoor climate ecosystem may result in a significant domino effect.

For a multi-part system to work together, communication between them is required. Over the years, we have acquired solid knowledge in this area as well. It may be that on paper you have the best ventilation unit or the best heat pump or the best control equipment, but still we get neither an energy-efficient system nor a good indoor climate because we do not see the whole picture and how the different parts affect each other.

Our goal is to keep track of what is happening on the front lines of development in each area and also how it affects the environment, energy use, and possibly indoor climate. But that's not the whole story. We also look at what happens around these parts and how the construction can change in terms of building materials and their properties as this affects the overall solution.


The world is constantly evolving and requires both curiosity and the ability to absorb new knowledge. We are happy to help and advise you in this jungle of knowledge. Contact us and we promise to do our best to give you a good basis for making the right choices.

Training courses

Having a good base to stand on requires knowledge. The American physicist and philosopher Debasish Mridha aptly said that "curiosity is the mother of all knowledge". While curiosity is a prerequisite for learning, we can't help you gain it. However, if you are curious about knowledge, we can help you with various training courses.

Training courses

Knowledge is perishable, so it's important to stay up to date.
Our aim is to ensure that our training courses always contain the most up-to-date information.

Cooling technology

Cooling technology basic training teaches you the basics of cooling and heat pump technology. We will guide you through the cooling circuit and its components and explain how all the parts work.

We also look at how the chosen solutions, components and actual operation affect energy efficiency. After the course, you will know how a cooling machine or heat pump works and perhaps understand why it doesn't work when it should.


Communication skills aim to give you a good foundation for communication within building automation.

Here you will learn some different concepts and what they really mean as well as what important information you can't do without when building networks and exchanging information between different systems.


Acoustics training covers the terminology of acoustics. You will also learn how to calculate the distance from a fan to a room via the input attenuation or sound dispersion of the components involved.

What sound power level can we expect and what do we do if we don't get there? We also go through some measurement techniques and differences in manufacturers' documentation.

Our talent

Torvald Gunnarsson

+46 (0)70 514 54 03

Technical guru or know-it-all. The epithets are many. Torvald has a solid technical background and a curiosity for research and technology. During his last 13 years at Swegon, Torvald was a link between the market and R&D. Many of Torvald's ideas are now industry standards. His vast knowledge and ability to consider the overall impact of even the most minute details makes him unique.

Hans Klintin

+46 (0)73 050 09 55

The company's CEO with extensive experience in the service sector. Hans himself started on a factory floor and has over the years worked his way up in different parts of the industry with extensive experience from boilers, clean rooms, measuring instruments, cooling, ventilation units, etc. Furthermore, he also has experience as both service manager and project manager in electricity, plumbing, cooling and ventilation. His duties, in addition to being CEO, are just project management and consulting as well as some training.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."

"I have no special talents. I'm just passionately curious."

"He who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

Albert Einstein